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Working Mum

There's been a lot in the media of late about life as a working mother. Apparently, mothers who work full time experience 40% more stress than their male counterparts (or dads as they are better known).

I'm sitting in my office today and looking out of the window at a snow covered garden, that my youngest son said looks 'a little bit like Narnia.' The land I'm working in feels about as much of a mythical kingdom.

In December 2018, just a few weeks ago as I am typing this, I decided to leave a senior role in communications and set myself up in business with @HelenMcLeod. It's nerve wracking. Moving from a strong and steady income to uncertainty is a huge step to take.

Helen and I have worked together before, and really complement each other in terms of both our knowledge and working styles. We're both honest, creative and have an ability to use communications activity to cut through the politics and challenges businesses can face. We both know how to use our skills to make businesses a little bit better.

This week has been about discovering who we are and what we want to do. We're developing our own website, pulling together our logos, building content plans for our social channels and working on how we actually start to bring business in. We have a potential client pitch to deliver by the end of the week. And because we're us, we want to do all of this brilliantly.

Today, I got a text from school to say that it's a snow day. By 10am, I'd been out in the garden and built the mother of all snowmen, had a snowball fight and refereed the children wrestling. Now I have to face the prospect of carrying on trying to juggle the work and kids whilst my husband goes out to work.

I'm just going to write that line again: whilst my husband goes out to work.

Apparently my job doesn't count.

Working mothers are expected to be bread winners, lovers, cooks and confidants without a second to ourselves. I'm supposed to set up an industry leading communications practice with one ear on the living room in case one of my children accidentally kills the other. I know how many women face this challenge daily.

When I read the statistic that women feel 40% more stressed than their male counterparts, my response was a sharp intake of breath and a question, 'only 40%?'

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