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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

We first started talking about our own venture back in 2015 when we worked on a new brand launch.

This project was so exciting, full of energy and really difficult in the 8 short weeks we had. We (and the Exec team) really felt we’d made a difference to more than just communications.

Even separately we’ve left our mark where we’ve been - helping Exec teams solve problems, helping leaders to be better communicators, spreading some joy and energy (in some fairly dry topics) and helping connect people to their customers.

So we’ve started genie. The name is a mix of letters from helen and gill, with a little bit of magic.

But how do we describe this to people who’ve not worked with us? Convince them we do have what they need?

We asked one of the CEO's we've helped. He said:

‘You’re reliable, you get it done and your very honest. In fact you’ve both disagreed with me when no one else did - no bull from either of you. There were no mistakes or missteps, just great solutions that worked and that people liked. You work fast too.'

<blush face emoji>

So while it’s pretty terrifying deciding to go it alone, we feel like it’s right for us. And we can’t wait to create awesome comms together.

Helen & Gill

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