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Dear big bosses

I quite like working here but it could be better.

I don’t quite understand why what I do really matters. I get the tasks and things, but there’s not much explaining why.

I like a variety of communication and content – but please make it interesting. It’s a noisy world, so please don’t be boring. I like inspiring stuff that appeals to my heart as well as my head.

I like the truth – straight up. Please treat me like a grown up.

I like to share my opinions – I’ve got bags of ideas that could save you money. I talk to our customers all the time, so I know what they’d like us to do differently.

I like to hear things from my manager. I need a reason to trust the big bosses. I trust my manager and my workmates the most, so if they don’t trust you, I’m not likely to either.

If I’m honest, we’re judging you on if what you say matches what you do.

I’m busy. Please don’t bombard me with messages or expect me to dig around to find things out. I don’t have much spare time at work. But I will find time for comms that are really relevant and interesting to me.

You can have my undivided attention but please think about my day, my needs, and if the way you’re communicating will really work for me.


Your employee


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