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Genie communications works on a fractional and virtual basis.

We describe it as full-time head and heart, part time cost.

We’ve created and delivered corporate communications strategies for blue-chip companies going through fierce change and inspirational engagement. 

This experience means we can act fast, bring fresh thinking, reliable playbooks and the ingredients from tested solutions. 

Business turnaround

The value of a business isn’t just on the balance sheet. It’s on the level of trust and connection it has with employees, customers and all stakeholders.

We can help you to navigate the choppy waters of a business under stress using our tested plans and playbooks.

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solving business problems

with communications

what we do

what we do 


We'll help you to create genuine understanding, involvement, inspiration, and connection and achieve business results.

We help Execs and leaders decide who to engage, how and when. We’ve managed everything from
fierce changes to inspirational engagement.


Our tools, knowledge, and playbooks make it happen quickly. We work inside and alongside the business, so you’re equipped for the future.



Great leaders have a clear, big voice with their people and in their industry.

Our tools and approach will help you with yours.

Corporate communication

Great communication doesn’t just happen.


We support comms leaders, to give them a boost and leave a step change.

Business transformation

Change is about people and culture, not things.


We know how to immerse people in complex business transformation and people change.

Business growth

Everyone wants to buy from (and work harder for) the people they like. 


We can help you to captivate people with
your purpose and strategy.

communications | PR | social media | change | engagement

Exec and leader communication counsel & coaching
Communications strategy
Developing your story
Brand and identity development
Engagement campaigns and content

Stakeholder & audience engagement

Complex change communications

Building comms functions
Comms audits and reviews
Governance and planning
Internal social media
Values and culture change

why genie?

we’re Manchester based experts in creating awesome communications
we're bold
we get it done
we give

We love finding creative ways to involve people, surprise them and show we really ‘get’ what people need.

Everyone has plenty of other things to think about, so you need to keep  earning their attention.

Results make us happy.


We’ve been successful because we really know how business works.


We can cut through the billion things that can get in the way to deliver impact with great comms.

We started genie with the ambition to make comms brilliant everywhere - helping as many people as we can.


We’ll help you to find the space to think and leave you with lasting benefits.

why genie

solving problems


We'll get to the root of the business problem to see where better communications can help


Use big, practical ideas grounded in the reality of running the business.

Based on our experience with over 100 different projects.


Plan how to make it happen in the most efficient and effective way


Use our tools to produce material; coach and support people in your business


Check results are happening, adjust and improve

solving problems

our experience

We’re pretty proud of the projects we've led and the Exec leaders who recommend us.  

Along the way we’ve improved some ok comms, rescued some terrible comms and created some dazzling comms.

Oh, and we won an award for the first work we did together.   

Our portfolio of hands on experience includes banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, FMCG, telecoms,  logistics, digital and some wonderful charities.



Personal engagement planning
Keynote & broadcasts
Media training
Industry voice

LinkedIn & social media
Writing & blogs
Strategy story
Communication style & skills

Visibility and engagement
Difficult change briefings
Crisis situations


Set up, roles & structure
Governance & planning
Channels & infrastructure

Comms audit
Research & measurement
Employee surveys
Employee voice & influencers

Content & campaigns
Narrative & tone of voice
Large scale events

Business transformation

Cost reduction
Branch & store closures
Outsourcing & offshoring
Shift from physical to digital

M&A – integration / separation
IT transformation
TUPE / large scale redundancies

Pension, pay, T&C consultation
Policy & contract change
Relocation & flexible working


New strategy
New customer segments
Sales improvement
Digital planning & delivery

Brand building & launch
Brand awareness
Reputation management
Values & culture change

Community engagement
London 2012 sponsorship
New leadership

Here's some of our best bits:

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